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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

ENCHANTED ETERNALLY #boxedset - #99cents #Preorder

Featuring Belle Scarlett's adult fairytale, THE WOODSMAN

Muse by Alexa Silver
Bliss House by Ann Jacobs
Lady's Choice by J. L. Miller
Hunting John Doe by Anh Leod
The Woodsman by Belle Scarlett
Haunting Melody by Flo Fitzpatrick
The Banshee and the Reaper by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Bared to Him by Jan Springer

A paranormal anthology of magic and romance
Enchanted Eternally is sure to entrance.
Inside this tome lie broken spells and true love revealed
Even as creatures of the night are unsealed.

In Alexa Silver’s Muse, Slate is attacked while on the stage
And Blaze must keep them safe from a dark one’s rampage.

Ann Jacobs joins two mortals together in Bliss House so haunted,
Where live two ghostly lovers who must unite them, undaunted.

With J.L. Miller’s space tale, Lady’s Choice
We have a futuristic menage a trois to rejoice!

In Anh Leod’s Hunting John Doe
A man runs for his life with a strange woman in tow.

In the Enchanted Forest, Belle Scarlett’s cursed beings are bound,
Until they break the spells that keep their love confoun’d.
Where the Big Bad Wolf must win Lady Rouge’s heart
Or forever a lonely shifter be, always apart.

In Flo Fitzpatrick’s Haunting Melody
A musical doll and the shortest witch you’ve ever seen
Send a woman back in time to the year nineteen-nineteen.

The lovers in Charlotte Boyett-Compo’s The Banshee and the Reaper need your prayer
Since this couple seems an unlikely pair.
Yet in a reaper’s arms it doth follow
That a banshee’s wail has naught to do with sorrow.

But perhaps the most surprising shifters in all the ages
Are found between Jan Springer’s pages
For when Miranda shifts, matters look grim
And Gray Wagner goes primal when she’s Bared to Him.

As you will it so mote it be
Read them all and then you shall see
Eight romance tales to bewitch you before dawn
Get Enchanted Eternally – a spellbinding boxed set on Amazon.

Pre-Order NOW for only .99! Read Oct. 20th.

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