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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

#AmazonGiveaway x 2! #WIN #NaughtyFlings & #NaughtyHearts paperbacks by @naughtyliterati

#AmazonGiveaway x 2! 

#WIN #NaughtyFlings & #NaughtyHearts Paperbacks by The Naughty Literati, Amazon bestselling authors!

Naughty Hearts includes Belle Scarlett's Civil War time slip, VALENTIME

Valerie buys a South Carolina plantation and discovers a Valentine addressed to her from a previous owner who bids her to return to him in 1865.  
"I adored all of the reads, my faves being: Valentime by Belle Scarlett… I loved this hot and romantic time slip tale and with not just time but danger threatening I was willing the couple to find their HEA. Super read."
 Tina Williams, A Reader’s Review

Can't wait to win in order to read? Luck you, Naughty Hearts ebook is only .99 on Amazon!

Naughty Flings includes Belle Scarlett's 

"Blood Mates: How to Blackmail a Vampire by Belle Scarlett. Vampires are no longer allowed to hide. If caught, the consequences are dire. Human Serena Bliss has discovered that Caden Chase and many of his employees are unregistered vampires. Her silence comes at a cost. Caden has a million bad vampire puns. How could I not fall for him?...5 out of 5." - Liz Tucker, Genreflections

Can't wait to win in order to read? Luck you, Naughty Flings ebook is only .99 on Amazon!

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