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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Well, we searched high and low to find our MIA Amazon Kindle winner. We looked in all the usual places in the Enchanted Forest - under the Troll's Bridge, in Ogre's Field, even in the Woodsman's cottage (and newlyweds Sir Marrok Ulfang and Lady Lily Rouge were none too cheerful about that, we can tell you!) We even grew concerned the Loch Monster near the Hexed Waterfall might have snacked on our missing winner.

Finally, the pixies used their pixie dust to track down the winner of Belle Scarlett's Amazon Kindle Drawing. Now, you need to know that when pixies really put their scattered minds to something it's an awesome sight. Here's what Trix the Pixie looked like in the midst of her divining spell (by the way, Trix is the heroine of PIXIE AND THE BEAST, Belle's as yet unsold erotic fantasy romance follow up to THE WOODSMAN.) Ready? Shield your eyes, Trix is the most powerful pixie in the bunch!

So without much further ado about nothing, congratulations, felicitations and happy reading ever after to the winner of Belle Scarlett's Amazon Kindle Drawing Giveaway...

(suspenseful drum roll)


(cue the confetti, pop the champagne cork!)

The pixies pulled Candice's name from over five hundred names entered in the black cauldron and now the Magic Wishing Well in the Enchanted Forest will grant her a free Amazon Kindle upon which to read THE WOODSMAN, Belle Scarlett's debut Ellora's Cave release! Thank you to Candice and to everyone who entered the drawing.

Happily ever after,
Belle Scarlett (and the pixies, too!)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


(Inaudible titters) Hi! We're da pixies, the real stars of Belle Scarlett's THE WOODSMAN, now available at Ellora's Cave! We're here to announce da big winner in Belle's Amazon Kindle Drawing Giveaway. We've pulled the name out of the big, black cauldron where Belle put all the names (we didn't peek, promise!) And the winner is... TRIX THE PIXIE! Come on down!

(Uh, Belle Scarlett here, no Trix, you aren't eligible to win the Amazon Kindle. Neither are Dax, Jax, Jinx and Kinx, or Linx. Get with the program, please... Sorry folks, but these are pixies, after all. They might do anything, and often do).

Okay, okay. Sheesh. So we know the name of the winner and have sent one of these here magikal emailz (sic) to da winner and, as soon as we get a verification reply from aforementioned said winner who shall be nameless for the time-being until s/he replies, we'll post the winner's name right here. So the moral of this story - everyone check your emailz and bulk folderz - da pixies are trying to get in touch with one, lucky winner of a FREE Amazon Kindle! ... Or else we get to keep it for ourselves! Yay! Whee!

(uh, Belle here again, NO, we do not get to keep it. If the person of the first name drawn is not reachable by email or otherwise does not respond, then we pull a SECOND name, contact that person, and so on and so forth, until we have a winner.) Oh, for the love of cheese sauce, okay, okay, right, right, we forgot alla dat. What she said, already. So check yer emailz for our email now!! (Titter, titter)

Da Pixies (and Belle Scarlett)