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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


(Inaudible titters) Hi! We're da pixies, the real stars of Belle Scarlett's THE WOODSMAN, now available at Ellora's Cave! We're here to announce da big winner in Belle's Amazon Kindle Drawing Giveaway. We've pulled the name out of the big, black cauldron where Belle put all the names (we didn't peek, promise!) And the winner is... TRIX THE PIXIE! Come on down!

(Uh, Belle Scarlett here, no Trix, you aren't eligible to win the Amazon Kindle. Neither are Dax, Jax, Jinx and Kinx, or Linx. Get with the program, please... Sorry folks, but these are pixies, after all. They might do anything, and often do).

Okay, okay. Sheesh. So we know the name of the winner and have sent one of these here magikal emailz (sic) to da winner and, as soon as we get a verification reply from aforementioned said winner who shall be nameless for the time-being until s/he replies, we'll post the winner's name right here. So the moral of this story - everyone check your emailz and bulk folderz - da pixies are trying to get in touch with one, lucky winner of a FREE Amazon Kindle! ... Or else we get to keep it for ourselves! Yay! Whee!

(uh, Belle here again, NO, we do not get to keep it. If the person of the first name drawn is not reachable by email or otherwise does not respond, then we pull a SECOND name, contact that person, and so on and so forth, until we have a winner.) Oh, for the love of cheese sauce, okay, okay, right, right, we forgot alla dat. What she said, already. So check yer emailz for our email now!! (Titter, titter)

Da Pixies (and Belle Scarlett)


Phoebe Jordan said...

I hope who ever won gets the e-mail because I know I would be upset if I won and never got the e-mail because the spam monster at yahoo ate it.

Belle Scarlett said...
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Michelle said...

Well, since I haven't received an email telling me I was the winner (sigh), I'm going to say congratulations to whomever the winner may be and a thank you to Belle for having the contest with a chance at such a great prize. I'm new to Belle's site and writing, but what i have seen so far looks great and I will definately be around again. Love the Pixies.

Belle Scarlett said...

Never fear, Phoebe, we're not just trusting ole Yahoo to get the message out, we're also enacting powerful spells over yonder at Facebook and My Space to try and reach the first name picked via several avenues! Stay tuned to Belle's Obligatory Blog for this unfolding contest drama!

Belle Scarlett