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Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Pixies Have Spoken: Contest winner announced in Belle Scarlett's Enchanted Scavenger Hunt

Congratulations, Daun Ann Korty! The pixies pulled your correct entry in Belle Scarlett's Enchanted Scavenger Hunt Drawing. The Magic Wishing Well has granted you a copy of Belle's Ellora's Cave e-novella, THE WOODSMAN, and your entry counts as five (5!) in her upcoming Amazon Kindle Drawing. (The Kindle winner will be announced on Belle's website August 5, 2008.)

Thank you, Daun, for playing with the pixies on Belle Scarlett's Enchanted Scavenger Hunt (they said they had a blast with you and they hope you’ll post a reader review here soon!!)

If anyone else would like to make their single entry for Belle Scarlett’s Amazon Kindle Drawing automatically count as five (5) entries, you can go on the Enchanted Scavenger Hunt, too!

Here’s how:

Hunt for the answers to the following questions on Belle Scarlett’s website, My Space, You Tube, Ellora’s Cave, and Facebook pages. Then email the answers to her OFF-LIST at by Friday, August 1, 2008 before midnight Pacific Standard Time (PST). The pixies featured in THE WOODSMAN will put the names of all correct scavenger hunt entries in Belle Scarlett’s Amazon Kindle Drawing five (5) times (they’re magic, they can do that!)

Then, on August 5, 2008, the pixies will pull one name from all the entries and the magic Wishing Well will grant that winner a FREE Amazon Kindle (OR a POT O'GOLD whichever happens to be handy).

You must be 18 or older to play, and all the sites in Belle Scarlett’s Enchanted Forest are rated “M” for Mmmmm (Mature).

Here are the territories in the Enchanted Forest for the hunt (mind the Ogre!):

Wanna play? Ready… Set… Have fun!

1) How many pixies in total are on Belle’s website home page?
2) What animal is on the cover of THE WOODSMAN?
3) What happens when you click on the cover for THE WOODSMAN on Belle’s website?
4) What song is playing on Belle’s My Space page?
5) Name one person Belle says she’d like to meet on her My Space page.
6) What “Secret Password” did Belle leave for you to find on her Facebook page?
7) Which of Belle’s three Passion-in-Progress blurbs did you vote for?
8) Which review site gave THE WOODSMAN the rating of 4.5 Pixies?
9) In the Ellora’s Cave excerpt of THE WOODSMAN, what holiday will it be the next day?
10) On Belle’s My Space page, during the slide show, what flower is featured in one of the slides?
11) According to Belle’s tag line (under her name on her site) what is the “spice of love”?
12) In the Ellora’s Cave excerpt of THE WOODSMAN, what is the heroine traveling in when she hears a fearsome howl?
13) What’s the name of the heroine in THE WOODSMAN?
14) What’s the name of the hero in THE WOODSMAN?
15) What fairytale is THE WOODSMAN based on?

You did great! Now email the answers to the pixies OFF-LIST at to be entered five (5) times in Belle Scarlett’s drawing where the winner will score a FREE Amazon Kindle..OR A POT O’ GOLD!! (Sorry, sorry, the pixies keep adding that bit about the pot o’gold, and you know what notorious fibbers pixies are…)

Thank you for playing with Belle Scarlett and the pixies in the Enchanted Forest and good luck!


:Candice: said...

wow I feel like a dork. When you had first spread the word of the Kindle contest, I had , of course, save this page so I could check for updates and what not... what I didn't realize was that it saved the page, not the site and I have been reading the same page for months...nice LOL wow. Lesson learned :p

Belle Scarlett said...

Sorry but, Bhwahahaha! No, just kidding, Candace - the good news is there's plenty of time to increase your odds of winning that Kindle!


:Candice: said...

true true. Go ahead and laugh, I did lol :)

Phoebe Jordan said...

Sent my answers in and I'm really crossing my fingers. I really loved the scavengar hunt and I also loved your website and myspace. I really want that Kindle and I can't wait to find out who has won.