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Monday, September 1, 2008

On E-Readers and Chocolate

Although I gave away an Amazon Kindle on my website recently to celebrate my first e-book release, I've been reading e-books on my laptop since discovering them over a year ago because I'm waiting for the "perfect" e-reader gadget. For me, that means a next-gen Amazon Kindle that easily reads PDF, the most common format in which I receive my reading material, and has a back lit screen capability so I can read in the dark. I'd also prefer an e-reader that pops a piece of chocolate out of its side compartment at regular intervals with no extra charge.

I'm a born romantic who reads omni-voraciously, but I'm not sentimental about old fashioned, musty, dusty books. Has anyone else noticed that books are freaking heavy? I hate lugging around my whole library every time I move. Even tossing just my Jane Austen anthology in my already overstuffed suitcase increases my odds of hernia when I travel. The advent of paperbacks made physical books more or less disposable anyway, yet still curiously expensive.

Besides, can you imagine if people stuck doggedly to their chiseled stone tablets or handwritten scrolls after Johannes Gutenberg invented the movable type printing press? I'd love having my whole library, plus access to favorite blogs, newspapers, and magazines all on one, convenient device. But, sigh, before I give away my freaking heavy stacks of musty books and replace them all with e-versions, I'm holding out for that perfect e-reader to come out, complete with that chocolate feature, please.

What special feature, real or fantasy, would you like your e-reader to possess?

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