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Friday, September 5, 2008

She's Got It, Oh Baby, She's Got It!

Hello Belle and Pixies!

So I was getting ready this afternoon when I heard a loud truck outside (as opposed to being inside ::lol::) Anyhoo I opened the door to see what was going on and there on our porch was a big 'ol box from! I was so excited that I dropped what I was doing to tear into that box and inside was the Amazon Kindle!!! So far I have only downloaded one book, just to see how it was. I love it already, although I have yet to really get in it and use it for all it's worth :) Thank you again so so much for having this awesome prize and I look forward to more from the Enchanted Forest!

Sunny Days!



Belle Scarlett said...

Yay, Candice,

We're glad you received your prize for entering Belle Scarlett's THE WOODSMAN Kindle Drawing! Now, download THE WOODSMAN on it, stat, lol!

Lub ya,
Da Pixies and Belle

:Candice: said...

Sorry I've been away for a bit, but oh yeah THE WOODSMAN is so totally on there!! Any time someone asks about my Kindle I tell them that this awesome author by the name of Belle Scarlett had a wonderful contest and BAM instant Kindle lol okay maybe not bam, but I make sure they know that they need to check you out and to read THE WOODSMAN. :)

:Candice: said...

Just wanted to drop by and give my thanks again. You have definitely given me one of the best gifts in the history of my gifts received lol I know it was luck (and Pixies) but it truly is awesome!
I take my kindle with me everywhere now and have started quite a library within (including THE WOODSMAN, of course *g*). I love it and suggest that if anyone is thinking about getting an eBook reader, do it! It's a great space saver, you can get your books within seconds and you can sample books before you buy!, etc.


p.s. any word on a release date schedule??? I can't wait to read more :) Take Care!