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Friday, May 1, 2015


I’m getting jazzed for my story, "How to Blackmail a Vampire," to debut in The Naughty Literati's upcoming boxed set, NAUGHTY FLINGS, releasing May 15th! 

The BF was playing "I Love the Night Life" (performed by Alicia Bridges) randomly on his iPhone tonight. I love synchronicity and this fits so perfectly with my literary vamp mood that I have this fun dance sequence on loop right now from "Love at First Bite" my very favorite vampire romantic comedy film of all time (probably because it's the ONLY vampire romantic comedy film ever made):

Susan St. James & George Hamilton trip the undead fantastic in MGM's LOVE AT FIRST BITE (1979)

Holy Dancing with the Stars, Batman! (#DWTS #Batman)... it just doesn't get better than George Hamilton in all his tan glory (in full opera dress, no less) and Susan St. James as they boogie in '79.

Fun Fact: I've told the BF if we ever get married the "Love at first Bite" video is going to be our wedding dance! He says we better enroll in tango lessons STAT (grin).

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