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Sunday, February 17, 2008

The best piece of romance advice I ever got

When I was crushed because the high school football team captain actually started ducking me in the halls to avoid being daily ambushed by my gooey-eyed, oh-so-obvious flirting signals, my father gave me the best piece of romance advice I've ever heard. "The best way to land a man," he said, "is to let him chase you until you catch him."

And now, it's sharing time. What's the best piece of romance advice you ever got?


Sherry Lewis said...

My mother told me marry a friend. It would be stronger base if I knew him as a friend first.

I'm glad I listened.

Nicole Terry said...

Never move in with someone unless you're sure you don't want to move out.

Nicole Terry said...
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Debra Glass said...

The best romance advice I ever got came from my spirit guide. I asked him, "When will you bring me a good man?" He replied, "I can't get you what you want until you know what you want."

I made a list and two years later, I met and married my dream man.

Wylie Kinson said...

Best piece of advice came from my mother and it has more to do with romantic relationships than with romance, but here it is...

Never involve me when you and your boyfriend/hubby/significant other are fighting. You may forgive him but I never will.

I have a very happy marriage and am delighted to report that my hubby remains in my mother's good books ;)

Anonymous said...

Whoa, steamy, steamy! Way cool trailer, Belle. Love the spooky haunted forest setting. Can't wait to see more. I vote for the genie project as the next one, but all sound fun. Don't have any romance advice, but a guy once told me that the sexiest, biggest turn-on for him was a confident lady comfortable enough in her own skin to be sitting some place by herself. (hmmmm....I wonder if that's because she's easier for him to make moves on!)